Professionals providing healthcare for
children and young people in schools.

MOSA Rules

The present MOSA rules which were adopted at the 2015 AGM and amended slightly at the 2016 AGM had wide-ranging consequences for the Association and its members with membership open to any healthcare professional registered currently, or previously, with an appropriate professional body.

Thus, all nurses who were associate members originally became “full” members - although that term is not actually used - on a par with their medical colleagues and eligible for all the privileges of membership e.g. access to the MOSA guidelines, discounted fees for meetings and conferences, receipt of a periodic newsletter etc. Similarly, any nurse joining MOSA now will be a “full” member.

Other healthcare professionals e.g. physiotherapists, psychologists etc. are also eligible to join - although the Association still retains its original name of the Medical Officers of Schools Association - MOSA. And non-clinicians e.g. head teachers, other teachers, school bursars etc. may join as associate members with, of course all applications for membership being subject to the approval of MOSA Council.

Another purpose of adopting new rules in 2015 was to enhance MOSA's ethics, transparency and governance with, for example, rules in place to address any concerns about the performance, conduct or behaviour of any officer or member of Council.