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18 June 2019

Suggested fee per pupil

Council has just announced an uplift in the suggested fee per pupil for 2019-20. See the members' area for more details.

29 April 2019

MOSA Summer Meeting Cheltenham College

The presentations from this year's annual summer meeting at Cheltenham College held on 4th May 2019 will be available shortly on the website.


29 April 2019

Problems issuing Pharmacy, or P, medication - an update

A little over two months ago MOSA reported that following a decision on 28th January 2019 by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to withdraw its Standards for Medicines Management, school nurses would be unable to legally issue Pharmacy, or P, medication under a homely remedy protocol and the guideline on Administration of Medicines in the members' area was duly amended.

Since then, MOSA has been working with the RCN to remedy this anomalous situation and it now looks as if a solution has been found. Following discussions with Fiona Smith, the RCN Professional Lead for Children and Young People's Nursing, an addendum has been rewritten to help with the administration of medication in boarding school establishments. The additional wording will be added eventually to the RCN School Nursing Toolkit but meanwhile the first link below (right click) will take readers to the RCN website and specifically the sections on school nursing and nurses working in independent and private boarding schools.

Pharmacy (P) medication can CONTINUE TO BE GIVEN AS BEFORE 

If anyone has queries about providing emergency contraception, the next link (right click) goes to the RCN's position statement which provides helpful information. However, please note that emergency contraception can ONLY be given by a nurse who is trained in family planning and who holds a prescribing licence. 

07 April 2019

Additional guidance on supporting transgender pupils

By kind permission of Bryanston School, an additional administrative guideline about supporting transgender pupils has just been added to the guideline section and is available in the members' area. It should be read in conjunction with the MOSApedia article by Dr. Rene Skule about transgender guidance.

24 February 2019

Transgender Guidance

Transgender issues are very much in the news recently and as healthcare professionals in schools, we are increasingly likely to be confronted with these.

Council member, Dr. Rene Skule, has written a scholarly, comprehensive and very informative article on the subject which can be found in "MOSApedia" in the members' area.

22 January 2019

Health Centre Management

Any members searching for information about running a school health centre from an administrative point of view are encouraged to look at "Health Centre Management" within the members' area of this website. There they will find a number of very useful documents put together by Council members Bev Gilbert of Wellington College and Liz Carey who have also offered to answer any member's individual questions.

01 July 2017

MOSA is tweeting

MOSA now has its own Twitter account - @MOSA_UK

So go to and log-in or open an account - and start tweeting!

01 September 2016

Latest Guidelines, Subscriptions and Membership Fees

In the members' section are the latest guidelines - administrative and clinical - latest pupil rates and the updated MOSA membership fees.

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