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31 March 2018

While the clinical presentations from MOSA's Annual Winter Clinical Meeting held on 20th January 2018 will be uploaded shortly, Dr. Jonathan Holliday's masterful presidential address, "One Hundred Years of Influenza at Eton College" is now available as a scholarly article on MOSApedia in the members' area.

01 March 2018

Annual Subscription Reminder

A reminder that members' subscriptions will be due at the beginning of April.  

Please find the annual reminder letter here for more details:

Becky Pryse.  MOSA Honorary Secretary

28 January 2018

T A A Hunter Prize

MOSA Council is delighted to announce the relaunch of this Prize that was endowed many years ago by Dr. Tommy Hunter, former MO to Marlborough College and president of the Association 1955-56.

All MOSA members are invited to submit a paper on either "Advancing the health of school pupils" or "Advancing school medicine". The paper should be approximately 3000 words in length and should be sent to the hon. secretary of MOSA, Dr. Rebecca Pryse, at The closing date is 1st October 2018.

A prize of £500 will be awarded to the winning entry which will be decided by MOSA Council. The winning author will be invited to present their paper at MOSA's next Annual Winter Meeting in early 2019.

Council's decision will be final.

22 January 2018

Dr Stephen Haynes is the new MOSA president

At a very successful Winter Clinical Meeting and AGM held on Saturday 20th January 2018 at St. Catherine's School, Bramley, near Guildford, Surrey, courtesy of the the school MO, Dr. Sian Jones, Dr. Stephen Haynes became MOSA's new president succeeding Dr, Jonathan Holliday late MO to Eton College.

The five excellent presentations from the meeting will shortly be available in the members' area.

08 October 2017

Health Centre Management

Regular users of the website will see that there is a new heading in the members' area, Health Centre Management. Under this are a number of very useful documents put together by Council members Bev Gilbert of Wellington College and Liz Carey of Charterhouse and which provide valuable information for any MOSA member who has responsible for running a school health centre. 

01 July 2017

MOSA is tweeting

MOSA now has its own Twitter account - @MOSA_UK

So go to and log-in or open an account - and start tweeting!

30 June 2017

Mrs. Kathy Compton retires from MOSA Council

Mrs. Kathy Compton attended her final Council meeting on Thursday 29th June 2017 when she was presented with a gift and a congratulatory card by MOSA president, Dr. Jonathan Holliday.

Kathy was formerly senior nurse at Plymouth College having trained and worked initially as a teacher before turning to nursing. She set up the health centre at the College in 1993 and then became involved with the Royal College of Nursing Independent School Nurses’ Forum, the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) and MOSA. She was the first nurse to join MOSA Council, initially as a co-opted member attending meetings annually and then latterly as one of the three full time nurse members.

She was very involved with nurse training and tutoring for the BSA, and worked as a consultant to schools advising on their healthcare provision. She retired from Plymouth College in 2014 and having served MOSA for further three years, she has now decided that she should retreat from schools medicine and enjoy retirement with her husband, David.

MOSA is indebted to her for all the work that she has done for both nurses and doctors and being in the vanguard of the gradual and increasing involvement of nurses in the work of the Association. We wish Kathy and David a long and happy retirement and if anyone sees them in their motorhome on the A30 as they trundle off on a new adventure, give them a toot and a wave which will surely be reciprocated!

01 September 2016

Latest Guidelines, Subscriptions and Membership Fees

In the members' section are the latest guidelines - administrative and clinical - latest pupil rates and the updated MOSA membership fees.

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